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These three 1960s college classmates found that neither time nor regular careers could diminish the joy of music they had played together in bands at the University of North Carolina more than forty years ago.

On a lark, at a spring 2006 reunion, Taylor Branch (author), Bill Guy (lawyer), and John Yelverton (real estate developer) stayed up all night recording cover songs from the golden era of crossover soul and Beatlemania. This is the amazing result. Pure fun and musical delight!

OFF OUR ROCKER is the impossible comeback group--never before discovered but launched here for extended thrills, in OverTime.

Taylor Branch is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of many books including an historical trilogy about the civil rights era, America in the King Years. Information on his work is available at the website, www.taylorbranch.com. Bill Guy is a retired attorney. He has recorded many original songs, some of which are available on iTunes and www.godlychristianmusic.com under Bill & the Boomers. John Yelverton is a retired real estate developer. He is currently spending much of his time in the mission field, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Africa and Asia.

Check out our new album, The Blue Album